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Cool Projects!! Just click on the words to see the instructions 


                            Mosaic Table Top using Commercial Tile 

Fired-On Images on Laguna Frost Porcelain

by Fia Richmond @fickle_inception_of_ardor

New Copper Enamel Projects 

Applying and Firing Images onto Copper Enamel Surfaces




  Using an Underpainting Decal to add Color to Copper Enameled Images


 Colorizing Decals with Watercolor Enamels 

                                                                                                                                                     Colorizing Metal Enamel with Stencils



Making and Firing A Photomural

Photomural Tutorial.pdf 


Adding Images During Glazing

One-Fire Recipe Pie Plate



    Colorizing with Underglaze Chalks and Pencils

Mary Cassatt’s “Mother and Child” Tile


Cone 018 Tutorial For Porcelain Painters


Colorizing with China Paints/ Pile of Money Plate


Fused Glass Project